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ÁS er fjölskyldurekin gisting fyrir einstaklinga, fjölskyldur og minni hópa. Boðið er upp á uppbúin rúm fyrir 10 manns og í sértilfellum bætt við aukadýnum fyrir börn. Handklæði fylgja öllum rúmum. Aðgangur að þráðlausu neti fylgir gistingu.

Um er að ræða fjögur rúmgóð svefnherbergi með fallegu útsýni yfir Eyjafjörð. Eitt svefnherbergi er með sér baði og einnig þann möguleika a opna millihurð í næsta herbergi og tengja þannig saman tvö herbergi. Hin herbergin deila einu baðherbergi á gangi. Stór sameigilneg dagstofa er fyrir gesti þar sem einnig er borinn fram morgunverður.Útsýni úr stofu er einnig fallegt og myndar þægilegan ramma fyrir samveru og hvíld þegar dvalið er í stofunni.

Húsið stendur við Eyrarlandsveg 33 og er staðsetning einstök beint á móti Lystigarðinum og Menntaskólanum. Í nánasta umhverfi er Sundlaug Akureyrar, Akureyrarirkja, Listagilið og mjög stutt í miðbæinn, leikhúsið og safnahverfið í gamla innbænum.

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  • The Rooms:

    We stayed for several days at the AS Guest House. Our first night was in the FAMILY ROOM WITH BALCONY, and then we moved to the FJORD ROOM WITH BALCONY to enjoy its exceptional view.  Our son and his girlfriend stayed in the beautiful SOUTH-EAST ROOM WITH BALCONY.   Each room was splendid with a nice view. The entire AS Guest House has been recently and skillfully remodeled by Smari the owner.  Our rooms were impeccably clean and outfitted with new wood flooring, beautiful wood doors and trim, and elegant comfortable furniture and light fixtures.  The geothermally heated radiators provide rapid and precise adjustment of room temperature.  This makes the rooms extremely comfortable.   The bathrooms were also remodeled with beautiful new tiled floors, and the most modern and finely functioning  shower fixtures. The huge windows offer spectacular views, and the well designed window blinds provide almost complete darkness, which insures a sound sleep in the long daylight hours of summer. Our rooms were very quiet, even when all the other rooms were occupied.  It was a pleasure to stay in such luxurious and elegant accommodations.

    The Surroundings:

    Our room as well as the living room had an expansive view of the fjord (called Eyjafjörður) and of the majestic  surrounding mountains. From our balcony, we saw IcelandAir's perfectly restored antique DC-3 doing touch and go landings from Akureyri airport, and flying northward down the fjord.   In the opposite direction is a view of the beautiful Botanical Gardens, and the Akureyri Junior College. The weather in Akureyri is delightfully variable, with some days having intricate cloud formations, and other days with sparse clouds and bright sunlight glistening on the water. During our early summer visit, the golden light of evening lasted literally for hours, with the sun finally setting a little after midnight.   It was lovely to view from the balcony.

    Breakfast included:

    Smari and Nanna are both gourmet chefs, so the breakfasts provided are a diverse array of cheeses, cereals, fruits, juices, yogurts, and excellent coffee.   (Just say "Tíu dropar" (10 drops) and you can get a coffee refill, as Smari can explain.)

    Access to downtown:

    The AS Guest House is just across the street from the beautiful and extensive Akureyri Botanical Garden (Lystigarður Akureyra) with a remarkable array of plants growing in a park like setting. It is just a short walk (7 min) from AS Guest House into the old downtown (the street is Hafnarstræt).   On your walk you will pass the Stately Lutheran Church Akureyrarkirkja.   Hafnarstræt is lined with interesting shops, a bookstore, an ice cream shop, a bakery with great coffee, tour companies, art galleries, and several restaurants.   The waterfront is just two blocks to the east, offering whale watching tours, and a view of the smaller excursion vessels and larger ships moored right at the shore.

    Your hosts:

    Smari and Nanna are the owners and are gregarious and attentive hosts, eager to make sure you are happy and comfortable during your stay. We had many interesting conversations with them all in our native English.  Smari's family has lived in Akureri for at least three generations, and the AS Guest House was originally his parents' home.  Both Smari and Nanna have a deep knowledge which they will happily share about Iceland, and the Akureryri area, including the history and nearby points of interest .

    Experience shared by Tom from California